About Blackstone Fire Protection LLC

Blackstone Fire Protection LLC: The Local Fire Protection Experts

Some homes and buildings are more complicated than others. Your home may have collections or land that is a fire hazard or your business may have heavy machinery or delicate equipment that needs special protections the rest of the building doesn't require.

Using design engineering, we'll create and craft a system perfectly suited to your specific needs.

If a fire ever does happen in your home or business, you want to make sure your fire protection system works. Blackstone Fire Protection LLC has years of experience making sure that homes and businesses are prepared to defend against fire. Our inspection & testing team knows the proper testing procedures and protocols to make sure everything is functioning properly.

Blackstone Fire Protection LLC


The Experts in Fire Protection

Fires are a destructive force that can grow quickly if not properly suppressed. And when they happen at your commercial or industrial property, lives can be endangered. You could also lose valuable assets and investments if the flames aren't stopped quickly. At Blackstone Fire Protection LLC, we'll safeguard your property against dangerous conflagrations. With installation, inspections, maintenance, and much more, fires are no match for us!


Blackstone Fire Protection LLC are the local experts keeping your home or business safe from fire damage