Design Engineering

Does your home or business have special property that you can’t afford to get ruined in a fire? Fortunately, Blackstone Fire Protection LLC is here to help. When you have an unusual property or a room or section full of valuables, we offer design engineering services to create a fire safety system customized to your specific needs. This means that your personal system is tailored to your specific situation and is the best way to maximize fire safety while protecting valuable assets.

We use advanced software to design you fire safety system

It’s important that your custom design will fit and function as it should in your building. That’s why we us advanced software and computer-aided design to simulate what your system will look like before installation. This helps us make any fine-tuned adjustments and notice any issues before it becomes difficult to fix them. It also speeds up the installation process, as we can quickly pinpoint exact locations and access points to streamline the procedure as much as possible.

We install state-of-the-art fire protection systems

When it comes to fire protection, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Our competent and experienced team can install several different systems based on your needs, such as:

  • Dry pipe sprinklers have high-pressure air inside at all times. Water is only allowed through when the system recognizes a fire. These work well when freezing temperatures are possible.
  • Wet pipe sprinklers always have water in them and act quickly. Sprinklers are heat sensitive and act individually if they get too hot instead of the entire system going off when not needed.
  • Pre-action systems use electronic checks to make sure there is a fire before water enters the system. This is a good option for rooms with expensive materials such as high-end medical equipment.
  • Many more fire protection systems are available depending on your situation. These include waterless systems like the FM-200 and high expansion foam for fire extinguishing and suppression.

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